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Data Management
and Customer
Experience Platform


Create the foundation for your centralized data.


Improve efficiency for informed decision-making.


Revolutionize the customer experience

Master your data and the customer experience

The key to success lies in the ability to understand and use data to create relevant customer experiences. Our platform is more than just a technological solution; it is the partner to structure your data and optimize the customer experience.

Transform your data

into strategic decisions

Product Information Management PIM

Your product information is carefully organized, constantly updated and easily accessible.
PIM ensures the integrity and consistency of product information, thus simplifying catalog management and improving time-to-market.

Digital Asset Management DAM

Every file, image, or video is a story waiting to be told. The DAM structures and facilitates publication and use, while protecting your copyright.
It transforms the way you share and use your digital media by creating rich, interactive experiences.

Master Data Management MDM

At the heart of your data universe, MDM acts as the guardian of your most critical information.

It creates a single, trusted source of critical data , ensuring a unified and accurate view across your entire business.

Your Allies

for Creating Customer Experiences

Customer Data Platform CDP

In every customer data there is a personalized experience.
CDP allows you to understand, segment and engage your customers in a unique and targeted way.

Digital Experience Platform /
Content Management System DXP/CMS

Your content is not just words and images, it is the soul of your brand. DXP/CMS gives you the power to manage and deploy this content efficiently, ensuring specific and engaging customer experiences across all channels.

Digital e-Commerce Platform

More than just a sales platform, it is a space where every interaction counts.

It combines effective sales management management with deep analytics, turning every click into an opportunity to connect and grow.


An open door to the future


Our platform is designed to interact with external systems, facilitating the relationship between your tools.

Whether it is your CRM, ensuring customer relationship management, or your ERP, which orchestrates your corporate resources, our platform creates data bridges, allowing synchronization and unified and structured collaboration.

Perfect convergence

with external systems

Take the step!

With seamless integration, unmatched flexibility, and next-level security, we're ready to support you every step of the way.

Find out how our EIGHT Xp. supports you in this digital transformation.

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